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Journalists and bloggers have cited the Overhead Myth campaign in their coverage. The following are some recent stories:

Overhead Myth: Phase 2

1. Nonprofit Chronicles
Evaluating Nonprofits: If Not Overhead, Then What?

2. The Business Monthly
Industry Perspective: Nonprofit Overhead: The Legend and the Myth

3. Tech Soup
The Overhead Solution: A New Nonprofit Pride Movement

4. Boston Globe
Group says nonprofits should act more like businesses

5. Florida Today
Look beyond ‘overhead’ when giving

6. McLennan County Nonprofit Resources
GuideStar and others offer second letter on “The Overhead Myth”

7. The Clarion-Ledger
Choosing a charity’s not just about the numbers

8.  Victoria Advocate
Better Business Bureau: Shopping green has guidelines

9.  The Nonprofit Center
In the Money

10.  Philanthropia Partners
Refresh Mint: The Conversation Continues…the Overhead Myth

11. Morrow County Sentinel
Charities urged to crush overhead myth

12. Chronicle of Philanthropy
Donors Care More About How Money Is Spent Than Results, Study Says

13. The Nonprofit Consultant Blog
Top Three Takeaways from the Nonprofit Overhead Challenge

14.  Associations Now

15. Tech Soup
Ending the Overhead Myth — and Moving Toward a Solution

16. News Ok
Do you know where your money is going when you give to charity?

17. Kentucky Nonprofit Network
Please don’t ever say that again

18. Imperial valley press
Do you know where your money is going when you give to charity?

19.  Social Velocity
Overcoming The Nonprofit Starvation Cycle: An Interview With Ann Goggins Gregory

20. Non-profit Talks
The Overhead Myth and a Call to Action for Nonprofits

21.  Hutchinson News
Wise Giving Alliance helps donors develop a keen eye

22.  Multiple Sclerosis Association of America
The Overhead Solution

23. Capital Journal
BBB: Give wisely during holiday season


Overhead Myth: Phase 1

1. The Nonprofit Quarterly
GuideStar, Charity Navigator, and Wise Giving Alliance Call for End to “Overhead Obsession”

2. The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Major Charity Groups Ask Donors to Stop Focusing on Overhead Costs

3. Consumer Watch
Charity Watchdogs Seek to Explode “Overhead Myth”

4.  AFP Blog
The Overhead Myth Campaign – A GuideStar Initiative to Improve Donor Choice

5. Butts In The Seats
Info You Can Use: We Are More Than Just Our Overhead Ratio

6. Foundation Group
Spending Money on Overhead is OK, Says 3 Top Nonprofit Oversight Groups

7. Tucson Citizen
BBB Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Navigator, and GuideStar Join Forces to Dispel the Charity ‘Overhead Myth’

8. The NonProfit Blogs
Launching a campaign to end the Overhead Myth

9. The Huffington Post
How a TED Talk Destroyed the Charity Overhead Myth

10. EJewish Philanthropy
It’s Time to Move Beyond Overhead

11. Fundraising Success
Launching a Campaign to End the Nonprofit Overhead Myth

12. Ryan Nonprofit
The Overhead Myth

13. Harpin
The Overhead Myth

14. North Country Consulting
Overhead Myth

15. Foundation Group
Spending Money on Overhead is OK, Says 3 Top Nonprofit Oversight Groups

16. Nonprofit Newswire
The Overhead Myth

17. Silo Breaker
Charity watchdogs seek to explode overhead myth

18. Philadelphia Business Journal
Nonprofits debate the “overhead myth” 

19. RAD Blog
How Should Funders Evaluate Charities?

20. Clarion Ledger
Bill Moak: Charity watchdogs blast ‘overhead myth’

21. Finding Justice
The Overhead Myth

22. Pitch Consulting
The Overhead Myth

23. Scott K. Wilson
The Overhead Myth

24. DANA
The Overhead Myth

25. GMN Blog
Overhead on Overhead

26. United Way Elgin
Help End the Overhead Myth

27. PG Retreads
The Overhead Myth

Dispelling the Charity Overhead Myth

29. Kairos Advisers LLC
Letter to the Donors of America | The Overhead Myth

30. Philadelphia City and Press
Nonprofits Debate The “Overhead Myth”

31. Donors Forum 
Breaking news, plus new resources + a toolkit around nonprofit overhead funding

32. Sasha Dichter’s Blog
The Overhead Myth

33. Nonprofit GPS

34. Tulsa City-County Library
Overhead Myth: Call to Action

35. Huterra
Using Social Media to Dispel the Overhead Myth

36. The Alpha Omega Arts
Overhead Myth” Blasted by GuideStar, BBB Wise Giving Alliance, and Charity Navigator

37. Good Works
The Overhead Myth

38. Nation Talk
The Overhead Myth

The Overhead Myth

40. Auto Balla
The Overhead Myth

41. Nonprofit Association of the Midlands
Help End the Overhead Myth

42. Nonprofit Update
More voices taking on the “overhead myth”  

43. News With Tags
The Overhead Myth

44. Child Fund International
Transparency and the ‘Overhead Myth

45. Scanpo
The Overhead Myth

46. Idealist Careers
Living on a nonprofit salary, the overhead myth, and Pride month: What happened this week?

47. Philantech
Financial Ratios for Nonprofits – The Overhead Myth

48. Jazi
End the Overhead Myth

49. International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease
US campaign seeks to debunk the “Overhead Myth”

50. American Charities
Help End the Overhead Myth

51. Wheat Ride
Understanding Overhead Costs

52. Princeton Area Community Foundation
Nonprofit Efficiency: What Is It and How Do You Know?

Reports raise issue of nonprofits’ effectiveness

54. Sidekick Solutions
Value Can Unlock the Nonprofit Overhead Myth

55. Nonprofit Marketing 360
Rating Agencies Surrender and Pivot Into Campaign Against “The Overhead Myth”

56. Nonprofit HR
End the Overhead Myth

57. Planet Aid
End the Overhead Myth

58. Green Lights for Nonprofit Success
Greenlights’ Response on The Overhead Myth

59. Bloomerang
The Most Important Statement in the Nonprofit World in the Last Decade

60. The Rebecca Gordon Group
Tackling the Overhead Myth – An Upcoming Blog Series

61. Hano Hawaii
Take Action: Help End the Overhead Myth

62. The Center For Effective Philanthropy
Getting Clear About Overhead, Part 1

63. The Qgiv Blog
The Overhead Myth: What’s All The Fuss About?

64. Latest from Alliance
Time to debunk the ‘overhead myth’ says new campaign

65. The CEP Blog
Getting Clear about Overhead, Part I

66. The CEP Blog
Getting Clear about Overhead, Part II

67. Idealist Careers
How a focus on low overhead caused this nonprofit to shut its doors

68. Nonprofit Quarterly
Three Reports on the State of the Social Sector

69. Rick’s reflections
The Overhead Myth

The Overhead Myth and the Bridge to Nowhere

71. Hammond
The Overhead Myth

72. JGA
The Overhead Myth

73. Root Cause
Overhead Myth Response

74. The Right Call
Donors need to move beyond The Overhead Myth

75. WNC Nonprofit Pathways
Help Eradicate the Overhead Myth 

76. MCB Accounting Blog
The “Overhead Myth” Dispelled for Not-For-Profits

77. JVA Consulting

78. Barnes Dennig
Non-Profits & the Overhead Myth

79. Social Velocity
10 Great Social Innovation Reads: June 2013

80. Zoe Amar
UK charities and ‘The Overhead Myth’

81. Insight News
Moving beyond overhead myth

82. Nonprofit Law Blog
Overhead Myth: Thoughts from a Nonprofit Attorney

83. CCAH
The Overhead Myth

84. Wild Apricot
Demonstrating Non-profit Success and The Overhead Myth

85. Center for the Future of Museums
Futurist Friday: Nonprofit Apartheid and the Overhead Myth

86. The Morning Call
Patricia Mogan: Look beyond old formulas in evaluating charities

87. The Chronicle of Philanthropy
How to Talk to Donors About Expenses

88. Nonprofit Quarterly 
Measure for Measure: The Nonprofit Impact Conversation Continues

89. Strategy and Leadership for Nonprofits+
Pallotta & The Overhead Myth

90. RYOT

91. Strategy and Leadership for Nonprofits
Pallotta & The Overhead Myth

92. Center for the Future of Museums
Trends Watch 2013 Mid-year Update: The (ever) Changing Shape of Giving

93. Kentucky Nonprofit Network
Finally – An Effort to End the Overhead Myth Once and For All?

 94. Stephanie Finigan
“Wait, You Want To Pay Your Employees?”… A Response to The Overhead Myth

95. Community Forward Fund
The Overhead Myth and Financing for Non-profits

96. Your Part Time Controller

97. The Eudora News
Concerns Raised About Overhead Costs of Tonganoxie-based

98. Riot News
Nonprofit Leaders Behind ‘The Overhead Myth’ on Picking a Charity

99. Blue Avocado
Charity Raters Part II: Managing your rating

100. Maxim Fetissenko
Challenging the Overhead Myth

101. Standard for Excellence Institute
Accountability, Transparency, and the Overhead Myth by Kate Nelson

102. More Than Me
Overhead, Impact, and What It Means to Make a Difference

103. Miles Lasater Blog
The Overhead Myth

 104. Social Velocity
Debunking the Overhead Myth

105. Huff Post
Measuring Success in the Social Sector

106. Your PBC
Why Are Leading Charity Sources Joining “Overhead Myth” Fight?

107. Fundraising for Abundance
Getting over overhead calculations

108. Venture Philanthropy Partners
Has the Overhead Myth Been Put to Rest?

109.  Bader Martin
Struggling to Measure the Financial Impact of Your Not-for-Profit? Overhead Myth Campaign Changes the Rules

110. Tony Martignetti
Nonprofit Radio for September 6, 2013: The Overhead Myth Letter Signers & Good Overhead, Bad Overhead

111. Kens Commentary
Nonprofit Radio: The Overhead Myth Letter Signers & Good Overhead, Bad Overhead

112. Philanthropy New York
What’s Looming Overhead? The Current Debate Around Funding Indirect Costs of Nonprofits

113. Drache Aptowitzer
How Not to Choose a Charity: The Folly of Overhead Ratios

114. Pulse
The Overhead Myth

115. Baltimore Business Journal
Overhead is Overused

116. Heifer International
Letter From the CEO

117. Analytic Ones
How to Move Beyond the Overhead Ratio

118. Huffington Post
The Irony of Overhead

119. The Tennessean
Middle TN Charity Confronts Overhead Myth

120. Huffington Post
A Recession and a Myth

121. Huffington Post
A-lot-a Pallotta, But Very Little to Charity

122. Volunteer Match
The Overhead Myth

123. Smart Giving Matters
Can Charities Be Run Like Businesses

124. New Haven Independent
Message to Not-For-Profits: Get Smart

125. Stanford Business
How Did We Get Here in the First Place?

126. Idaho Statesman
Pink Edition: Make your donation with care

127. Stanford Social Innovation Review
Overhead Cost: The obsession must stop

128. Philantopic
Weekend Round Up

129. Mosaic
Reframing the Nonprofit Overhead Myth: A Practical Guide to Donor Communications

130. Linked In
The Overhead Myth: Does My 990 Make Me Look Fat

131. Blog Talk Radio
The Overhead Myth: Disrupting & Debunking Nonprofits

132. Volunteer Match
Upcoming Special Webinar: The Overhead Myth – What It Is, Why It Matters…and What Now?

133. Quartz
Actually, nonprofits don’t spend enough money on overhead

134. Nonprofit Quarterly
Gen Op vs. Program Support: A Funder Takes a Run at Reframing the Overhead Argument

135. The Bridgespan Group
The Overhead Myth: What It Is, Why It Matters…and What Now?

136. Arizona Central
‘Overhead myth’ hurt charities – it’s time to dispel it

137. Weingart Foundation
Unrestricted Core Support: Strengthening the Capacity of Our Nonprofit Sector

138. NP Engage
Jacob Harold with GuideStar discusses the “Overhead Myth” initiative

139. Plexus Consulting group
The Overhead Myth

140. Charisma
Where Your Israel Donation Really Goes

141. Nonprofit Technology Network
Using Outcomes to Measure Nonprofit Success

142. Nonprofits
Can Your Nonprofit Prove That It’s Making a Difference?

143. FMA
FMA Supports the Overhead Myth Campaign

144. America’s Charities
Help End the Overhead Myth

145. The Chronicles of Philanthropy

The Overhead Debate: Charities Risk Widening Rift With Donors Over Administrative Costs

146. Crain’s Detroit Business

Keep your head on overhead

147. Let’s Talk Philanthropy

It’s time to fully fund nonprofits

148. New York Times

Gadfly Urges a Corporate Model for Charity

149. Huffington Post

Nonprofits’ Work to Prevent Bad Acts Is Never Done

150. NWI Times

Donors urged to use caution during holiday season

151. Messenger Press

Check Legitimacy of Charitable Groups

152. Slate

The Cynic’s Guide to Holiday Donations

153. Dallas News

Be more innovative and effective in charitable giving

154. Times Dispatch

Stern: A guide to holiday donations

155. Commerical Appeal

Ken Stern: Research most effective target for donations

156. Main Street
Overhead Myth and Charitable Giving
157. On Line Opinion

Cheers to the ‘Charity Navigator Model’









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