Nonprofits, here’s how you can start making a difference:

The tools and resources listed below can help nonprofits move beyond the Overhead Myth, toward the Overhead Solution, by proving their worth based on impact.

Demonstrate ethical practice and share data about your performance. 

Manage towards results and understand your true costs.

Strive to make a lasting impact.

Understand your true costs.

Help educate funders (individuals, foundations, corporations, and government) on the real cost of results.

Engage in a conversation with your donors explaining the detriment of the Overhead Myth.

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3 thoughts on “Nonprofits, here’s how you can start making a difference:

  1. Do you have any examples of a case study of a nonprofit that failed or struggled considerably due to diverting resources solely to programs and not overhead?

    1. Annalise, I recommend Dan Pallotta’s book “Uncharitable” for numerous examples/case studies of nonprofits or cause-specific efforts which were hindered by excessive avoidance of “overhead” (such as investments in advertising, tools, staff, technology for long term success).

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